Tiny House Iowa City was established by Doug Williams, brother of Dee Williams (Portland Alternative Dwellings). As a tiny house dweller, Doug has been able to speak first-hand about the many benefits of simple, small, and minimalist living. Over time, the Tiny House Iowa City group has grown to include many local tiny house enthusiasts. Contact us if you need help planning, designing, or building a tiny home. If you’d like someone to come and talk to your organization or group about tiny house living, we’re happy to offer that as well.

Tiny House Iowa City Gathering (Doug Williams on right).
Tiny House Iowa City Gathering (Doug Williams on right).

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  1. Hello!
    I’m happy I found this group. I’m just starting to look for a tiny home of my own. I want my financial freedomarkets in my life and have my own nice quiet place in the woods somewhere. How would I go about finding a prefabricated home? I’m not really interested in building my first tiny home. Any info will help.




  2. I am hoping to make the transition to tiny living by purchasing a THOW in the near future, but like many am stumped on my options for a location to put my THOW in or around the Iowa City area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    1. There are some people in the area who are putting tiny homes in back yards. The key is to find someone agreeable, and in a location where neighbors won’t complain. Alternatively, it’s possible to buy an inexpensive home, rent it out for extra income, then living in the back yard in a tiny house. The city has yet to formally approve any such arrangements, so it becomes precarious in that regard. Although there are no stories yet of people being asked to move.


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