Rosebud Sioux Veteran Seeks Place to put Tiny House

I am writing on behalf of Dale Novak, a Rosebud Sioux veteran, who has lived in Iowa City for more than ten years. Dale owns an 8×24 studio and is looking for a location close to town. His place was built with an Iowa City permit and has electric.

I know Dale to be a quiet neighbor who just wants a safe place where he can lock the door at night. He loves the outdoors. He has lived on our property for a couple of years, but we are planning to move, and are trying to help him find a new place.

I noticed that your website shows the tiny house in Doug’s back yard. I don’t know Doug, but remember his back yard because Dale had a room in Doug’s house for a few months some years back. Dale says that Doug left on a mission trip.

Thank you for your consideration,





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